1. reawakeninq:

    I honestly have no idea what’s going on with the world right now. War, unrest, racism, sexism and disease are all rampant right now. It’s 2014. This is ridiculous. What happened to our development goals? What happened to our morals and our fucking standards?

  2. tomorrowsofyesterday:

    Some images from the protests in Ferguson, MO, over the killing of unarmed teenager Mike Brown. Police have used tear gas and barricades to control protestors. (via)

  3. The Importance of Names


    The Importance of Names

    "Cartouches for Sekhmet Meritamen", created by Marc Line for Pan HIstoria.comWhat’s in a name?   Plenty.  A name is the essence of who we are.  It can be the name that we are given at birth, or a nickname which signifies who we are within communities, or it can be an Initiatory name.  Sometimes a name is a persona we choose for ourselves in order to keep us safe from the prying eyes of employers,  or those who wish us harm such as ex-spouses, abusive family members or…

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